Load shedding to end in December

Load shedding to end in December

Ghanaians can look forward to more days in darkness after managers of the country’s power generators announced the ongoing load shedding exercise will now end in December and not the end of November as earlier indicated.

The new announcement comes after similar assurances by government the problem will end before close of November.

The Volta River Authority has attributed the shift in the deadline to delays in getting crude oil supplied to Ghana.

“Crude oil suppliers are saying they cannot get their crude oil from Nigeria until the end of November,” The Chief Executive of VRA Kwaku Awotwi told journalists on Thursday.

“The crude will come alright but it will come later,” he added.

Business operators say they are frustrated with the inconsistencies in the dates for the end of the load shedding.

They told Joy News the load shedding is affecting productivity.

Meanwhile, an energy expert John Peter told Joy News power supply in Ghana must be depoliticized.

“Anybody that wants to play politics with the power sector is definitely having a wet dream.

“The current power shortage that we are having cannot be ended within the short-medium term.

Whilst admitting that some investments and expansion programme have been done since 2007, he said it will take some time for all those investments to be felt.

He said it is unrealistic to expect a December deadline.