The S3k3 Boiz – Dobble to shutdown Ghana’s Most Beautiful final

We have being looking for a word to describe what we saw at the rehearsal ground of Dobble and Dr. Slim during their preparation for the grand finally of Ghana most beautiful.

The Empire Records signed artiste Dobble are coming with a huge force, something that they have been waiting to show to their fans all these years.

Don’t the information wrong, they have been on many stages but the kind of rehearsal we saw last night when visited them at their hide out is something worth talking about. The music duo Dobble says they see each show as one that will send them into higher heights hence why jokewith it.

In a chat with the music duo, Dobble told that this Sunday’s performance at the National Theater is a huge surprise to the fans and we hope by the end of it all it will increase the love they have for the group.

They mentioned that songs like ‘Wahali talai’ and ‘Ee mana’ have been touched just for the occasion hence just imagine the power coming.

‘We have choreographed our performance. We adding what will not only entertain the audience but also leave a trade mark on the national theater stage. What we want people to know is after our performance on that day the show is over’, Dobble noted.

They maintained that, there will be total madness on the stage, fans of dobble and Dr. Slim should come prepared for a 360 degrees ‘s3k3’.

‘We are promising a total shutdown of the show this Sunday plus there is a twist to our performance and for that exclusive it is only when you are seated in the auditorium before you can witness it.

Come o the National Theater this Sunday in your numbers if you love Dobble. Songs like Wahali Talai, Ee-Mana and the hit maker S3K3 will be on rotation. Don’t forget it will be 100% ‘S3k3’ on Sunday, be there.