Hiplifer Guru readies with tolerance & patience campaign

Hip life and Empire records signed artiste Guru is set to undertake a senior high school tolerance and patience tour within the ten regions of the country, beginning this weekend in Cape Coast.

Known in real life as Nana Yaw Adjei Maradona, Guru disclosed that he chose this project after an encounter with an old man who he met some years ago.

According to the rapper, the man told him some years ago that if he (Guru) and his generation will wore the patience and tolerance cloth, many good things will fall on them.

Well back then the rapper said he did not understand the saying of the old man until he recently encountered him again.

In their second meeting the rapper said, ‘the man explained what he meant those days as, if only children will be children just like what the good book says without crossing the elderly and even thinking that they are adults every dream of theirs will come to pass just like his has started’.

In hearing that, the rapper decided to use that knowledge gained from the old man to help his fellow young ones especially those in Senior High Schools.

Guru mentioned that, this campaign is geared towards the ability to make young folks know that everything they want to achieve in life is possible all they need is patience and tolerance to watch their dream grow from strength to strength.

He maintained: ‘dreams are the most expensive things in the world, the moment you throw your dream away, you lose yourself hence if we as young guys will not try to act like the elderly during our youthful days, we will achieve more than our old folks did when they were young’.

In his ending words, the hip lifer noted that, he had the spirit of patience and tolerance with a lot motivation towards his dream in becoming a professional musician hence with this project he wants to do same for these kids in senior high school by giving them hope for a brighter day.

As we approach election I hope to install in the young ones the act of tolerance their ability to over look every annoyance and stay focused and also not to be used for negatively by any politician before, during and after elections 2012, Guru’s final words.

This is a positive campaign from a very controversial rapper like Guru and therefore we hope everyone will support this agenda.