Gabriel Afolayan drops two new singles

By Ayo Onikoyi

Gabriel Afolayan, the recipient of the ‘Most Promising Actor’ award at the 2012 Yoruba Movies Academy Awards, might have lost out in another award tussle with Femi Adebayo for the Best Yoruba Actor’ in Afro Hollywood award that took place recently but the handsome dude is moving on with life as he released two new singles “DA YAN MO”and “CLUB 09” on Thursday.

Gabriel tested the warm waters of the music industry when he dropped his first single ‘Kokoro Ife’ (Love Bug)” which is still enjoying massive airplay and before that could barely wear off the multi-talented Gabriel, who also dances, is laying claim to more  fame .

Recently, Gabriel said his reslve to sing did not come ot of the need just to sing like his other colleagues who tried ihad always wanted to sing from childhood. Singing, actig and dancing run in the amily, so if you like you can sy that I was born into it’ he once said.

Gabriel Afolayan like his lte father, the legendary filmmaker Chief Adeyemi Afolayan, G-Fresh, as close friends and colleagues fondly call him, has acquitted himself severally as an actor.

He has also  raked in plenty awards as an actor including the awards of ‘Best Actor in a Supporting Role’ and The ‘Rising Star’ in the coveted Nollywood Movies Award (NMA).

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