Free SHS and the Otabil tape: An Open Letter to Dr. Otabil

Free SHS and the Otabil tape: An Open Letter to Dr. Otabil

Dr Mensa Otabil

I heard the so-called Mensa Otabil tape and the press statement (disclaimer) issued by Rev. Kofi Okyere (Snr. Associate) to Dr. Otabil.

My understanding is that a couple of years ago Dr. Otabil expressed those opinions on the tape about free education but it is now being exploited by some politicians today to their advantage.

The questions are:
1. Did Dr. Otabil express those opinions about ‘free education’ two or three years ago? If ‘NO’ then fair enough.

2. But if ‘YES’, has his opinions on ‘free education’, two or three years down the line changed? If ‘YES’, what is his new position and ‘WHY’?

3. If ‘NO’, then why the disclaimer ‘PRESS STATEMENT’ by Rev. Kofi Okyere and for that matter by Dr. Otabil?

4. I suppose the politicians who put out that tape have not said anything. It is the journalist, especially, JOY FM on which I heard it who said that “Dr. Mensah Otabil has waded into the debate on FREE SHS”.

My challenge with some of our fine Senior Ministers is their inertia in coming out boldly on issues of nation interest where they hold a strong opinion. They exhibited the same inertia when the late President Prof. John Evans Atta Mills was being murdered each day by the barrage of insults and attacks and they kept quiet until he died before they came out to say that he was a ‘God fearing man’ and they use to have audience with him .

If indeed Dr. Otabil said what was on the tape two or three years ago, then for me as a student of Theology and Prophecy that was a Prophecy to warn us as a nation ahead of this political season.

After all what is ‘PROPHECY’? The proclamation of God’s word by forth-telling or foretelling to condemn sin and call sinners to repentance. What is ‘SIN’? Missing the mark; falling short of God’s standard or glory.

Please, Dr. Mensah Otabil, if you indeed expressed those opinions on the tape two or three years ago, it was a prophecy you gave. Be bold and stand by it. Don’t mind what anybody will say; that is God’s word to us as a nation. If you do not and Ghana is plunged into an educational crisis tomorrow, God will hold you accountable. To be forewarned is to be for armed.