Popular Sports Journalist Tell Youth…Go And Campaign For Mahama

Mr. Yaw Ampofo-Ankrah, ace sports journalist and leading member of the Volunteers For Mahama (VEM), says the anticipated one touch victory of President John Dramani Mahama at the impending general elections would be a mirage without the effective involvement of the youth.

He said it was high time the youth of the country resolved to making the right choice, with just a few weeks to the December polls, reasoning that the country was at the cross roads.

Speaking at the handing over and indication of a 10-member executive of the Tertiary Education Institutional Network (TEIN) of the Institute of Professional Studies (IPS) Chapter of the NDC in Accra, he noted that the youth should not be intimidated by what they hear in the lead-up to the December polls.

Mr. Ampofo-Ankrah said, “In 2008 Barack Obama had to rely on a huge youth, students and door-to-door votes, the same can be said of our late leader professor J.E.A. Mills [so] don’t be intimidated by what you hear, don’t be afraid of the insults, don’t think about what will happen if somebody becomes your enemy, nobody becomes your enemy because of the path you have chosen, if you know that path is right.”

He was emphatic the youth has a key role to play in ensuring a one touch victory for President John Mahama. “Each and every one of us here has a role to play, so don’t let anyone deceive you; this is the opportunity for you to stand up and make sure you campaign for the NDC and for John Mahama,” he said.

He further said, “You don’t have to be a politician to carry the message of President John Mahama; you don’t have to be a politician to carry the message of the NDC”, the ace sports journalist explains adding “Let go out there and campaign with passion, with all our hearts, with all our minds and make sure come December 7 every vote that you have is transferred to President John Dramani Mahama.”

According to him, this is the time each and every one of us must go out there and campaign, stressing that “if it’s just one vote you are bringing on board, it is very important so please don’t under estimate your power to bring somebody on board.”

The ace sports journalist further stated, “We know by the grace of God John Dramani Mahama will be the President on 7th December, it is not going to happen just like that, it’s not going to be magic, you have to do what you have to do, you have to play your role and play your part.”

Mr. Ampofo-Ankrah cautioned the youth not to make a mistake which will affect the nation negatively in view of the polls.

He said, “Make sure you will not make a mistake, Ghana is at the crossroads, we are going somewhere very special if you have not gotten the NDC manifesto please do and you will know why the better Ghana agenda is on course.”