Ghana must act on UN Ivory Coast report- Bombande

General News of Thursday, 11 October 2012

Source: Paa Kwesi

Emmanuel Bombande

Security expert and Executive Director for the West Africa Network for Peace Building WANEP), Emmanuel Bombande, has advised government to consider the United Nations (UN) report which indicts Ghana for habouring allies of Laurent Gbagbo.

The UN said it has evidence that exiles supporting the former president have established “a base in Ghana” all in an attempt to destabilize the Alhassan Quattara led-government.

Speaking on an Accra based radio station on Thursday, Mr. Bombande said the report was coming from a credible source hence the need for government to welcome and act upon it.

“Even though I’m speaking here as an outsider looking at the peace issues in the sub-region, if you look at the report, what it does is clearly to demonstrate that these are the continuation of activities that will not necessarily be happening with the knowledge of our own security agencies,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, a Senior Research Fellow at the Legon Centre for International Affairs at the University of Ghana, Dr. Vladimir Antwi Danso has said the country must take measures to investigate the claims to resolve the impasse between the two nations.

He maintained that “Ivory Coast can suspect that Ghana does not like that government and therefore their behaviour might be informed by that suspicion. It is resolvable. People around the border don’t know Ivory Coast or Ghana so this cannot escalate into jeopardizing what we have”.