Magath feels Schalke wrath

Felix Magath

“Felix Magath out!” and “never again, Felix Magath, never again,” the Schalke 04 supporters were chanting at the Wolfsburg manager at the Veltins Arena this past weekend.

Quite a few Royal Blues players on the pitch seemed tempted to join in as well. Jefferson Farfan, for example, made a point of running over to the Wolfsburg bench after scoring the opener.

Lip readers were later convinced he’d mouthed an insult in the direction of Magath. Was the striker merely repeating back some offensive words to Magath or employing a term with altogether different connotations in Peruvian Spanish?

“I didn’t see it and don’t care either,” said the Wolves coach, diplomatically.

It’s rare to see opposition managers subjected to hostile chants in the Bundesliga. But then again, Magath is not your regular opposition manager but an ex-manager in seven out of 18 stadiums.