Rawlings earns praise from former Botswana President

Rawlings earns praise from former Botswana President

Former Presidents Rawlings and Mogae (left) in a handshake after the meeting

Former President Festus Mogae of Botswana has praised former President Jerry Rawlings for helping to entrench peaceful political transition in Ghana.

Mr. Mogae said he was convinced that the forthcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Ghana would be peaceful, stating that he had no sense of ‘trepidation’ about the conduct of the process.

“We must agree to disagree in peace,” he stated in a meeting with President Rawlings at his Ridge office on Monday.

The former Botswana leader commended President Rawlings for helping to institute the Fourth Republican constitution, submitting to it twice and handing over after his mandate had expired.

President Mogae who was leader of Botswana from 1998 to 2008 is in Ghana to deliver a lecture on Credible Elections and Governance in Africa under the auspices of the Center for Democratic Development (CDD) on Tuesday, October 9.

The two leaders shared their thoughts on the violent mine workers strikes in South Africa, with President Rawlings expressing concern about the fact that “we have not seen or heard much condemnation” of the killing of 34 miners by the police.

President Mogae lamented the factthat South Africa was still going through a transitional phase following the apartheid era and criticized the fact that the striking miners were also wielding implements and had actually killed some police and others before the deadlyclash which killed 34 of their compatriots.

The two leaders agreed that the situation in South Africa was complex and urged their political leaders to confront the challenges in a holistic manner.