John Mahama Fun Club launched in Tamale

Politics of Sunday, 7 October 2012

Source: GNA

President John Mahama Potriat

NA – A new youth grouping dubbed the John Mahama Fan Club has been inaugurated in the home region of the President to serve as a campaign tool and help garner more support during the up-coming polls.

The club is expected to strategize and present series of campaign messages that would be introduced to the people of Ghana and help market President John Mahama as the best candidate to lead the country after the December elections.

Mr Sofa Azoka, NDC Northern Regional Chairman, Ghanaians to vote for the president based on the good works undertaken by the present administration stressing that the opposition NPP could not achieve similar goals in their tenure.

Mr Haruna Iddrisu, Minister of Communication, urged the Ghanaian media to be up and doing by questioning critically statements made by politicians adding that “the media should have questioned Nana Akuffo Addo when he indicated he was going to fund the free educational promise on corruption money”.

He explained that corrupt money was unethical and illegal and could not fathom how a presidential candidate was going to fund a policy through corrupted money which was illegal in the first place.

Mr Haruna debunked the free educational policy promise of the NPP saying it lacked the locus as a tangible means of funding education in the country.

Mr Mutala Mohamed, Deputy Coordinator of the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP), advised the NDC party members to show commitment to the party by voting massively for it to ensure victory in the coming elections.

He cautioned them against voting ‘skirt and blouse’ in the coming elections saying such actions could disrupt the development of the area.