Cogniko now in Nigeria, introduces new marketing tool

Cogniko Nigeria, a branch of Cogniko US, an analytic and digital intelligence company has announced its presence in Nigeria with the introduction of a new tool- Analytic solutions.

The company said its introducing the platform to help to meet the increasing demands of marketers seeking to understand and maximize return on  investments (RoI). Cogniko, which involved in the delivery of marketing analytics, research, and strategic advisory to institutions in developed markets and Africa have companies like Chase, Pfizer, Diageo, Verizon, AT&T, Dell and General Mills have used Cogniko services.under its portfolio

According to the Country Director, Mr. Yemi Ibironke, “Cogniko Marketing Analytics Services helps marketers establish accurate performance targets based on their investment outlay, define performance indicators aligned to objectives – measure what matters, understand drivers of in-market campaign performance, and how to best align these drivers for optimal marketing effectiveness.”

Speaking further, he said, “These are exciting times for Nigerian marketers. They now have the same tools at their fingertips that their counterparts in leading global organizations in developed markets leverage to drive continued marketing excellence, accountability and profitability.

“By combining proven evaluation methods with our expertise and integrated view of consumer intentions, attitudes and behavior, we can now deliver objective measurement and analysis to drive meaningful improvement in campaign strategy and return on investment.”

Ibironke  also explained that Cogniko Research, Data and Digital Intelligence Services is key for marketers seeking better and more accurate insights into consumer trends, attitudes and behaviors to drive profitable growth. Cogniko offers a wealth of specialized digital intelligence solutions with best-in-breed methodologies and technology to ensure marketers have access to Real, Actionable and Timely customer insights.

“Besides the ability to conduct custom research using our proprietary online panel of consumers who have opted into Cogniko’s research community.

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Cogniko now in Nigeria, introduces new marketing tool