Destroying The Unemployment Obstacle

 The young industrialist Jones Appiah

On Wednesday, October 3, 2012, I left the premises of Daily Guide with my Congolese musician buddy, Nsele Fred Madison, who has been in Ghana for over 10 years as a result of instability in his country.

However, he is feeling home sick and I have been assisting him to go home. That morning, we decided to walk a little to Kwame Nkrumah Circle as a way of excising our bodies and to reminisce the old days on the bank of the Congo River.

I reminded Fred about the Saturday parties in both Brazaville and Kinshasa, and as we rounded a Kokomlemle corner, I spotted a mini-van  with  the popular  Alata  Samina  (local  soap) advert on it. I pulled up Fred and told him to follow me in order to satisfy my curiosity.

Indeed, this soap has been faithfully used by maternal grandmother, my mother and aunties from both sides of the family. So I knew the effectiveness of the soap. As we approached, I saw a young gentleman coming out of a shop towards the packed van. We approached him and questioned him about the products.

After talking to him, I realized he was one of the budding industrialists in the country. I got to know that Jones Appiah (that is his name) is the brain behind the Paradox company, manufacturers of Paradox Alata Samina bath and shower gel.

He disclosed that he was managing the industry with his dear wife, Ivy who was relaxing at the passenger side of the van.

The two are graduates of the famous Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (NKUST) in the garden city of Kumasi.  They were both Biochemistry students.

As young entrepreneurs, they have added marketing to the business in two years.

My dear readers, here are two young people who know their potential and with a clear-cut vision took up the challenge of employing themselves by venturing into the murky area of manufacturing.

I was very proud to have met them and I doff my hat to them. They are not lazy, they are ready to take risk and with a well-calculated plan they are doing well.

 Last year, I wrote about the emerging and energizing young men and women across the African continent who were determined to succeed in life.

They have resolved not to wait for any government or a well-established company to give them jobs. Indeed, Jones and Ivy are blazing the trail.

The couple’s product’s are in three categories namely; Cocoa, Lemon and Aloe Vera.

The cream or the gel has no effect on the skin as it is non-bleaching soap and is blemish free and removes acne, rashes and others. It is good for children and adults and on evenly colored skin.

The two industrialists have established their factory at Medie along the Achimota Nswam Highway off Samsan Road, which is located near the Hare Krishna temple.

The name of the company is Tiwajo Industries Limited.

Anyone, who wants to do business with the young couple, should call the following numbers: Ivy Appiah- 0244798986/ Jones Appiah- 0264798986 or you can get them by e-mail: [email protected]

They sell genuine Ghanaian products with proper scientific backing.  I have already tasked Fred to survey the Congolese market for us to exploit.