Akwa Ibom ends coaching course

In an effort to ensure that Akwa Ibom State coaches are up to date in their profession, the state in conjunction with a United Kingdom based sports manage-ment outfit, Crystal Sports Management has concluded a four day coaching course with former Arsenal FC of England trainer, Mark Ellins on ground to put the coaches through.

The coaching course which saw over sixty coaches in attendance was concluded last weekend in Uyo, the State capital as the sports management outfit promised to do more in future so as  to ensure that Nigerian coaches are up to date in modern day coaching techniques.

Sports Commissioner of the state, Pastor Ita Udoh said the sports ministry decided to organize the course because of the need for the coaches to be more professional and learn the modern day techniques of coaching which will help them to excel in their chosen career.

According to the Pastor, the three days coaching course has been able to help the state to know how good the coaches are and what they can achieve in their profession having been given a quality training by the former Arsenal trainer.

“We are happy that a coaching course like this is held in Akwa Ibom because I would have cost us much money to send three or four coaches abroad but we also sat down and decided that if we can bring the trainer to Akwa Ibom, more coaches will have the opportunity of learning and that will make them better coaches in their profession”, says the Commissioner

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Akwa Ibom ends coaching course