Yvonne Nelson: TV Stations In The Country Are A Contributory Factor To My Woes

Popular and multi-talented actress Yvonne Nelson has made sterling revelations regarding her Glaucoma Foundation which she started some time back to help sufferers of this disease.

The actress who is somewhat regarded as ‘controversial’ for her liberalism revealed that, she’s been unable to source funding for numerous projects for her foundation for some unknown reasons, and also she hinted that so far all expenses have been catered for from her own purse.

According to her, almost all those who pledge their support in cash to the foundation have for one reason or the other failed to honor their pledge. This she said is hampering the operations of her glaucoma foundation, whilst she has to buy drugs at expensive amount every two weeks for her benefactors.

The current touted ‘hottest and sexiest’ actress in Ghana lamented however that, television stations in the country are a contributory factor to her woes with all of them apart from GTV, who are a bit soft on her (because they offered her a bargain of paying 2 month subscription to a month free.). She expressed her dismay on an entertainment program last week.

The actress also disclosed in the interview that her essay writing completion on the diseases which she launched to create awareness has also been put on hold until further notice, “I cannot do everything on my own, I need each and everyone’s support to tackle glaucoma in this country”, she lamented.

Yvonne, who just finished serving her one-year banned from the movie front, was on the show to talk about her first effort at producing a movie, ‘Single and married’, which over the weekend recorded a record breaking attendance at the Silverbird cinema in Ghana.