Fidelis Duker sets for O’jez award

By Benjamin Njoku

ONE of Nollywood’s biggest directors, Fidelis Duker will be honoured with the prestigious O’jez Entertainment Award on Sunday, September 30 at the monthly O’jez Entertainment Award series event scheduled to hold at the celebrity restaurant, O’jez, inside the National Stadium complex.

Duker, according to Chief Joseph Odobeatu, Chief Executive Officer of O’jez, is being honoured for his immense contributions to the nation’s film industry and his resilience in organizing the popular Abuja International Film Festival, AIFF, for almost a decade now against all odds.

“Mr. Fidelis Duker is one Nigerian that deserves to be recognized for his efforts which the O’jez awards committee unanimously agreed on. I always remind all that the monthly awards series is aimed at recognizing any Nigerian, irrespective of his tribe, religion, class or creed who has done well in his chosen field of endeavour.

“Duker has paid his dues with quality films and TV soaps production. Above all, his Abuja International Film Festival has risen from nothing to become a big annual industry event. Duker is one of the pioneers of Nollywood and he had not relented since he debuted more than a decade ago,” Odobeatu said.

Duker in his response, said he felt “honoured” to be chosen as recipient of the O’jez award. “It is not everyday one gets this kind of recognition from his constituency, so I feel really honoured and humbled too.”

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