Cape Town residents protest over bar

2012-08-23 14:31

Cape Town – Bo-Kaap residents in Cape Town have objected to a liquor licence being granted to an establishment situated a metre away from a mosque, it was reported on Thursday.

About 100 residents picketed outside Abantu Restaurant and Bar on Wednesday, vowing to have the licence withdrawn, the Cape Times reported.

The establishment was situated next to the Nurul Islam mosque, built in 1834.

“Authorities placed the first bar in Bo-kaap right next to the mosque. We want to know why we were not consulted,” Bo-Kaap Civic Association chairperson Osman Shabodien was quoted as saying.

He said the owner was adamant he could trade as he had a licence.

The bar’s kitchen window apparently opened in front of the office of the mosque’s imam, or religious leader, who described the noise and odours as intolerable.

The demonstration against the licence would continue daily until next Thursday, followed by a march to the Western Cape legislature.

Ward councillor Dave Bryant said that when the licence was granted, he was not yet in power.

He vowed to follow up with the provincial liquor board.


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Cape Town residents protest over bar