VIDEO: President Mills’ Body Arrives At State House

Early on Wednesday morning, the casket containing the mortal remains of President JEA Mills was brought out of the 37 Military Mortuary Morgue to mark the commencement of the funeral ceremony of the late president of the Republic of Ghana.

After the final funeral ritual was performed by the family of the late president, a slow funeral procession from the hospital then left for the residence of the late president as customs demands at the Regimanuel Gray Estates at East Airport area.

Many mourners lined up on the street to view the cortege amidst tears and wailing as it arrived at the State House.

The casket adorned with the red, gold and greed colours of the Ghana flag was carried inside the Banquet Hall by pallbearers of the Ghana Air Force dressed in ceremonial attire.

Watch a video of the final journey of the late President Mills to the State House.