David Oscar attacks KSM and Ghanaian media

Ghanaian comedian, actor and radio presenter, David Oscar Dogbe has accused ace satirist Kwaku Sintim Misa, popularly known as KSM of doing nothing to help up-and-coming comedians in Ghana. Speaking in radio interview with entertainment show host Kwame Dadzie on Koforidua-based Vision 90.9FM’s “Arts and People” last Sunday, David said comedians in Ghana had been overly despised by their own people and had not been given the opportunities and platforms to strut their stuff.

He agreed with KSM who spoke earlier on the show that most Ghanaian comedians need to master the craft of comedy but also thought that comedy greats like KSM could give some of these young ones the chance to prove their worth on his shows, something he(KSM) has never done before.

“Kwame, ask KSM what he has done to help up-and-coming comedians. In all his years of doing comedy in this country, have you seen him feature any other comedian apart from himself on his shows? So this is one of the problems we should be talking about,” he remonstrated.

David Oscar was also appalled by the media’s attitude towards Ghanaian comedians. “What haven’t they written about me? When you try to do your best, somebody who knows little or nothing about you and what you do, writes or says trash about you. Some of us are lucky to be in the limelight still because we do other things apart from comedy. Honestly, Ghanaians have not been fair to their comedians,” he added.

However, KSM who admitted on the show he was fading out, advised Ghanaian comedians to learn the “craft” of comedy to be able to get to the level of their Nigerian counterparts. “Learning doesn’t mean they should automatically acquire formal education like some of us did, but in this age of ours, the internet is of great essence to us. They should Google information about comedy and they will be surprised what wealth of knowledge they will get,” KSM advised.

Asked who his best comedians were, KSM said he would vouch for Funnyface, David Oscar, and DKB because he thinks they understand the game and know what they are about.

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