Election 2012: Police must be up and doing – Dr. Antwi Danso

A lecturer at the Legon Centre for International Affairs, University of Ghana, Dr. Vladmir Antwi Danso has called on the Ghana Police Service to ensure that people who engaged in electoral violence face punitive measures.

Dr. Antwi-Danso was reacting to a report by Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) which raised concerns about the inaction of the police in areas which experienced breaches of the peace during the biometric voters registration.

According to Dr. Antwi Danso, the police inaction could lead to an erosion of public confidence in them which could culminate into people taking arms to defend themselves which he said could derail the democratic gains the country has made.

Speaking on Joy FM, Dr. Antwi Danso stated that although the police has come up for some flak, some of the blame must also be laid at the quarters of the political parties who he said interfere in the work of the police.

Dr. Vladmir said that “the police must be up and doing and assure the public that they are ready for the 2012 elections either than that people would continue the mischief”.

Dr. Antwi-Danso stated the involvement of the police in maintaining serenity during elections is part of the evolution of democracy in the country.

He stated that democracy is a process and with time, when the systems are strengthened, the presence of the military during elections would be done away with.