Ghanaian Comedians Have Lots of Limitations- Abeiku Santana

Abeiku Santa is one of the most influential presenters in Ghana as far us radio is concerned and when it comes to comedy in Ghana, he is among the few industrial players who are more concerned about the state of comedy in Ghana.

When GhanaSuperStars.Com asked Abeiku Santana what he thinks about the state of comedy in Ghana, and also if the Ghanaian comedy industry has any brighter future, he stated that Ghanaian comedians have lot of limitations which in actual terms does not allow them to excel the way they are suppose to.

Explaining what he meant by that, he said; “Ghanaians always want to compare themselves with the Nigerians but rather they are canopy when it comes to how they think about comedy ‘He said.

He added that, in Nigeria, most of their comedians playfully crake jokes around their own dignitaries; the president, Chiefs, Governors, etc but in Ghana, when a comedian weave a comedy any dignitary, it sparks negative publicity. With such limitations, I think our comedians are overly careful in their comedy delivery, hence siphoning their comedy ingenuity.

Though maturity should be exercised in comedy, it should also have the “lighter note signature” When we asked him to rate the current comedians we have in Ghana taking into consideration David Oscar and Funny Face, he scored; “Funny Face is trying, but for David Oscar, we should just take him out of the competition of top comedians in Ghana”.

With about 15years on radio, he added that he will like to be a content developer in some years to come and will also like to be behind the scenes so he can teach the young once. Do you think Abeiku Santa has a point in his assertions?