Motor riders association supports ‘Okada’ ban

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The Executives of Motor Riders Association of Ghana (MORAG) on Friday lent their support to the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation, 2012 (LI 2190) at a meeting with the Interior Minister William K. Aboah.

The legislative instrument which came into effect on July 4 banned the operation of motor vehicles for commercial purposes.

A statement signed by Ms Marmle Ramani, Assistant Public Relations Officer at the Ministry in Accra and copied to the Ghana News Agency Accra said, the Association reiterated that the Road Traffic Regulations be strictly enforced.

“The Association also condemned motor riders who ride without crash helmets, run through red light and those who ride on road pavements.”

MORAG noted that due to the peculiar circumstances which prevail in some rural areas; there would be the need for extra public education for proper appreciation of the law.

It said the Association promised to assist the Ghana Police Service in the educational campaign.

MORAG also agreed with the Ministry that stations previously referred to as “Okada stations” should be dismantled.

The statement said the Association was advised to consult the Police on matters bordering on activities of a Taskforce that educated motor riders on rules and regulation pertaining to motor-riding.

Source: GNA