Genser Power Inc: Assistant Project Engineer – Water Treatment / Air Compression

Overview of Genser
Genser Power Ghana Limited (Genser) is primarily an independent power producer with a focus on distributed generation to provide on-site power to large industrial and governmental clients. Genser Power Ghana Limited is a subsidiary of Genser Power Inc., an independent power plant operator based in the British Virgin Islands.

Genser Power Inc. has a lot of experience supplying power at affordable prices both to private parties as well as the grid in Latin America and the Caribbean. Genser Power Inc. currently has 5 operational subsidiaries supplying electricity through distributed generation to clients in Peru, Ecuador, Haiti, Brazil and Columbia with a total installed base of over 120 MW. In all these cases, Genser Power has provided full turn-key solutions including: engineering; procurement; construction; operations and maintenance.

Genser intends to install about 160MW of generation capacity in Ghana, Liberia, and Nigeria over the next 3 years.

Assistant Project Engineer – Water Treatment/Air Compression
Genser is looking for a mechanical engineer (preferably with HND background as well) to join the new business development team and design and develop power plants, with a heavy focus on the design and implementation of Water Transmission/Air Compression systems (WT/AC). The responsibilities will include:
• Working with other engineers from Genser and the client to design water transmission and air compression systems for various power plants, as well as other equipment such as pipes, fittings, and routings
• Working with a team of mechanical technicians to install sensitive equipment such as turbines, drums, and combustors
• Ensuring all equipment works well and according to plans
• Working with Genser management to perform preventive maintenance on the equipment

Job Location & Length
The position will be based in Chirano, in the Western Region of Ghana. It is available starting July 3, 2012.

Candidates should possess strong technical skills and experiences in mechanics or instrumentation. Ideal candidates are mechanical engineer majors from KNUST with a background in HND. Candidates must have worked on the national grid before. Candidates must also demonstrate strong work ethic and the ability to perform in an entrepreneurial environment. The qualifications should include at a minimum:
• Have a technical degree from a reputable technical institution in mechanical engineering
• Have 1 to 3 years of experience working in energy related fields or related fields
• Familiarity with water circulation and water transmission
• High level of computer literacy
• Rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals
• Be able to write and speak English (fluency in French, Spanish or Portuguese a plus)
• Ability to think ahead and plan over a certain period
• Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities
• Commitment to Company values
• High performance teams and a strong team player

• Brenda Williams, Organizational Development Manager, Genser Power Ghana Ltd.
[email protected]
Mob: +233 (20) 899-1603