Volta Regional Minister Appeals To Feuding Factions In Hohoe

Mr Henry Ford Kamel, Volta Regional Minister has appealed to the feuding factions in Hohoe to trust government and the Volta Regional Coordinating Council (VRCC) to resolve the raging impasse impartially.

He was speaking at a meeting with political heads of the Volta Region as well as the National Chief Imam Sheik Nuhu Sharabutu, some members of the Moslem Council and the representatives of the Hohoe Traditional Council.

Mr Kamel said it was important that both factions refrain from actions that exacerbate the tense situation in the town.
The Regional Minister pledged that government was considering picking up the cost of damages and urged the factions to allow the police/military team in the town to do their work.

Togbe Adzema V, Chief of Gbi-Abanse speaking on behalf of Togbega Gabusu, VI, who was not at the meeting, stressed that the Gbis were not against the Moslems but the unruly behaviours of some of their youths.

He expressed disgust at the audacity of the youths from the Zongo Community to ransack and torch the Palace of Togbega Gabusu.
Togbe Adzema expressed worry that none of the perpetrators of that act had been arrested and that rather many of his compatriots were suffering in the hands of the peace makers.

He expressed reservations about the police/military team allowing Moslems to gather for worship from 0400 hours when the curfew imposed on the town was from 0600 hours to 1800 hours.
Togbe Adzema wondered whether the peace keepers, by allowing the Moslems to move out during curfew hours, were meant to give them advantage over the Gbis.

Sheik Sharabutu said he would do his utmost to ensure peace is restored between the Gbis and the Zongo Community in Hohoe.
He stressed on the message of forgiveness in the Bible and the Koran and urged both sides to forgive and chart a new course of friendly relationship.

Sheik Sharabutu, who is a member of the National Peace Council, said the feud was a test for the good relationship that existed between the Gbis and members of the Zongo community for all his years.