PHOTOS: Omotola, Jim Iyke, Ali Nuhu Uru Eke Dazzle At Last Flight To Abuja London Premiere

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Omalicha Nwa | 6/9/2012 10:27:57 AM

After una don yab omotola finish 4 d other pg, she don vex go wear better cloth. Lol! I’m nt a fan, but I think today she looks good. I can’t get a close-up of d hair, but frm a distance it looks decent.

Ok, moving on…nfc we r tired of omotola’s gist, ini edo’ gist, Genny’s gist, Funke’s gist, Stephanie’s gist. What abt d other actresses??? Go bring us d 411 abeg. We already knw these ones r kicking fine. Thanks!

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Lalaland | 6/9/2012 10:41:17 AM |

Omotola QUEEN OF HEARTS looks absolutely elegant and fabulous as usual!!! Stunning mother and wife!

ANNA | 6/9/2012 10:47:44 AM |

Omotola simply ooze CLASS!!! gosh this woman stays KILLING!!!.QUEEN OF HEARTS O,erd omotola got mobbed by fans haahahahahahah abeg dont kill her o biko nu
Hair -PERFECTO,love d bun perfectly done.
Dress-luv the prints on the dress ad the lenght.
Makeup-ON FHIUCKN POINT,han!! she rocks nude lips the best!!!
Shoes-he dey kampkpe
Jewelleries-RIGHT!!! just a drop diamond and nice bracelets
Omalicha we are not tired of omotola,ii edo ad MJ story abeg ifact FC whata bt the highest paid article circulating media house arnd igeria.A confirmed story pls hurry and post it biko check naijapals,alabamuncut,stelladimokorkus lol.Haters dis is when we need u most abegii

ANNA | 6/9/2012 10:52:46 AM |

Jim iyke big boy heard u were shy and people were so surprised dat how can nollywood bad boy be shy hahahahaha.I like ur trench coat joor,lukn dapper.Uru eke looks gorgeous too but not enuf to outshine omotola lol.Omotola see ya backside kai o hahahahahahhahahahah can run any man down lol.Na ur time to shine,we are not going anywhere.THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!!

Esebaby | 6/9/2012 10:40:49 AM

Go and get married jim. U think say u still be small boy? Mtchew!

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Lalaland | 6/9/2012 10:45:46 AM |

Jim robinhood Iyke is a thief, so who would wanna marry a thief? Anyways he should continue his gigoloing and frauding older men! Dirty old man!