Sex-Starved Man Commits Suicide

A man believed to be in his fifties has committed suicide over the refusal of his wife to allow him sex.

According to an eyewitness, the deceased Agya Apau who left behind seven children first attempted to kill his wife before he killed himself.

The incident occurred around 3pm last Saturday in the Asante Mampong metropolis of the Ashanti region.

The eyewitness Abdul Salif Bawumia, who narrated the incident to XYZ News, said the man took a bottle of weedicide after his wife refused to sleep with him.

“He tried to kill the lady first but she survived then he went to buy weedicide and took everything. We rushed him to the hospital but he was dead.

“According to him, the wife has a fiancée and only sleeps with him when he has money. He said the wife does not sleep with him if he does not have money so he decided to kill himself” Abdul Salif said.