‘Police Infected With NDC Lies’ – Ursula Owusu

The NPP parliamentary candidate for Ablekuma South, Ursula Owusu, has taken a swipe at the police for a statement which claimed that she was not cooperating with them in investigating an alleged assault case in which she was a victim in the Odododiodoo constituency.

Ms Owusu was reportedly assaulted physically at the Tarzan registration centre by persons alleged to be activists of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), after she had visited the area to encourage traders to partake in the on-going biometric exercise.

In an interview with Radio XYZ to corroborate the statement, Sergeant Kwabena Danso, acting PRO of the Accra Regional Police Command, said Ms Owusu should make herself available to assist the police by identifying those she claimed assaulted her.

Sgt Danso also denied that there were police personnel at the polling station where Ms Owusu was allegedly assaulted.

But Ms Owusu would have none of that, saying that she had given enough information and cooperation to the police on the matter.

“I really don’t know what the police is seeking to achieve with this press statement but if they want me to go and walk the streets of Odododiodoo to physically point out the people who assaulted me, they should know that that is an impossibility,” she said, adding, “I have cooperated fully with the police.”

Ms Owusu, who sounded agitated by the statement, said she had spoken to one Sergeant Frank Pecta of the Ministries Police Station and informed him that some NPP constituency executives who were at the scene could assist in identifying the assailant as she was attacked from behind and could therefore not see the thugs.

“I have given them the names of those people; it is up to them to get off their backsides and go out into the field to conduct the investigations, which is what we are paying them to do,” she said.

She insisted that there were police officials at the Christian Muakuo polling station, contrary to what the police were saying.

“If they want to whitewash their officials, that is also understandable because they might want to shield them from the possible repercussions of their inaction. However, to say there were no policemen there is a blatant untruth and I am surprised… Really, maybe, they are being infected with the NDC disease of lies, misinformation and fabrication.”

Sounding upset, Ms Owusu stated that she had furnished the police with photographs and names as requested and therefore the police should be able to commence investigations into the matter and stop whining.

“I don’t know if they want me to go and lay my bed in front of the Ministries Police Station so they see my face every day,” she added.
She has given indication that she will pursue the case to its logical conclusion.