AUCC celebrates decade milestone

The African University College of Communications (AUCC) has launched its tenth anniversary celebrations in Accra.

Formerly known as the African Institute of Journalism and Communications, the college is a private tertiary institution established by Kojo Yankah, a former Minister for Information.

External affiliates of the university include Simmons College, Emerson College, Morehouse College and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

The theme for the celebrations is “Education in an age of Globalization and Convergence”.

The President of AUCC, Kojo Yankah said most emerging economies are integrated into the globalized world through international trade, international migration, international investment and technology transfer.

He added it is no longer wise to shy away from global standards in productivity levels.

He hinted of plans for the introduction of distance learning programs to offer opportunities to workers and non-Ghanaians as well as the addition of film and Multimedia Studies schools.