Polling Stations are restricted areas – EC Official

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The Cape Coast Metropolitan Director of the Electoral Commission, (EC) Mr Anthony Nyame, has cautioned Ghanaians that Polling Stations are restricted areas, which must be respected by all.

He explained that anyone who did not have any business there should stay away from the premise.

By the end of the second phase, 43,875 people had been registered in the Metropolis with 17 of them being challenged.

Mr Nyame was addressing members of the Cape Coast Metro Inter-Party Dialogue Committee in Cape Coast at the weekend.

He stated that all party agents and other officials should have an accreditation tag before they would be allowed access to such stations.

The Inter Party Dialogue Committee has been instituted in all the districts to promote peace and resolve conflicts before,  during and after the 2012 general election.

They are also to work in concert with the enforcement bodies to ensure among others that all political parties abide by the code of conduct and apply the appropriate sanctions against those who would abuse the code.

Source: GNA