Fifi Kwetey To NPP: How Dare You? You’ve The Audacity To Ask For A Comeback…To Do What?

A Deputy Minister for Finance and Economic Planning is outraged at the chutzpah of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) to come before Ghanaians seeking that they be voted back to power once more.

Fifi Kwetey says he cannot believe that after leaving the economy of the country in the “Intensive Care Unit” in 2008, the NPP has the temerity to ask the electorate to give them the opportunity to rule over them again.

Speaking at the first ever rally of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the year 2012 at the Mantse Agboena, James Town in Accra, the deputy finance minister however said the NDC led by Professor John Evans Atta Mills can asked for a renewal of mandate because of their achievements and enumerated some.

Comparing figures from the two parties in the education and health sectors, Fifi Kwetey was emphatic that the NDC’s achievement in eight years far outstrips that of the NPP.

“This afternoon we just want to ask a few simple questions. You (NPP) want to come back? To come and do what? What exactly do you want to come back for? In 2008, the NDC led by His Excellency Prof Mills asked the people of Ghana for a comeback and the reason why we asked for the comeback was because we had done things for Ghana on which we can stand and say that is why we want to comeback. What has the NPP in 8years accomplished for Ghana? Let us just check a few of them. In Education, the NDC in 8 years established 6321 big schools. The NPP in 8 years, was able to give Ghana only 2300. Primary schools, the NDC in 8 years gave Ghana 12, 335; NPP in 8 years gave Ghana 1013…NDC in 8 years gave the people of Ghana 6414 Junior High Schools, NPP in 8 years gave them only 853. NDC in 8 years gave the people of Ghana 264 Senior High Schools; NPP gave them 19; less than 20 in 8 years. NDC gave them 110 Science Resource Centres in 8 years. How many did NPP give in 8 years, 0…NDC gave them 3 Public Universities; NPP in 8 years gave them 0. NDC gave them 7 Polytechnics; NPP in 8 years gave them 0. And when the NDC asks for a comeback, they also ask for a comeback; how dare you, how dare you!…”

“Now NDC in 8 years gave the people of Ghana a Regional Hospital in Central Region, in the Brong Ahafo Region, in the Volta Region, refurbished the Effia-Nkwanta Hospital, provided massive refurbishment of the 37 and Okomfo-Anokye Hospitals. How many regional hospitals did the NPP give in 8 years, 0!..And when we ask for a comeback, they also have the audacity to ask for a comeback. Comeback to go and do what? Comeback for what exactly? NDC met the economy of Ghana at the time when inflation was 124%. By 1999, led by President Rawlings, NDC brought inflation from 124% down to 9.5%, single digit! And when we talk about coming back, NPP opens their mouth and say, ‘we want to come back’. Come back for what exactly?”

“Maybe, maybe. maybe…maybe they want to come back in order to send the economy of Ghana into another ‘Intensive Care Unit’ (ICU)…where it had to take us three years of struggle to bring it from the ICU bring it from the Recovery Ward…or they want to comeback in order to leave us with another 40 trillion arrears…almost the total debt of Ghana from Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to the end of Jerry Rawlings; NPP left that in one year! And when we are talking about coming back, NPP dares want to talk about comeback?…” he said.

And like the famous Mark Anthony in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caeser moved the crowd to action after the death of the Roman General, Fifi Kwetey, who is also the NDCs Parliamentary Candidate for Ketu South, then wowed the ecstatic crowd to respond ‘Yes we have’ as he touted the “unprecedented” accomplishments of the ruling party.

“When we tell the NPP that we have accomplished unprecedented things in three years…they say they don’t believe it. When I mention it tell them ‘yes we have’…in 3 years we have achieved an unprecedented low inflation rate. Yes We Have! – an unprecedented stability of the currency. Yes We Have!- an unprecedented gross external reserves. Yes We Have!- an unprecedented single spine salary scheme. Yes We Have!
– an unprecedented low budget deficit. Yes We Have!- an unprecedented GDP growth. Yes We Have!- an unprecedented one million metric tons of cocoa. Yes We Have!- an unprecedented revenue to GDP…Yes We Have!” the crowded enthusiastically responded as he listed the NDCs achievements.

To sum up his address, Fifi Kwetey then told the gathering why he believed the NPP was so desperate to come back to power; to indulge in the illicit trade of cocaine.

“Now let me tell you why they want to come back. It is only for one reason. (He then begins to sing) ‘NPP, NPP, NPP, all what they have, cocaine here, cocaine there, cocaine everywhere. NPP NPP NPP all what they have, cocaine here, cocaine there, cocaine everywhere!” he ended amidst rapturous screams from party activists and sympathizers.