NDC propaganda machinery ‘sets the record straight’ on Mills’ achievements

The Propaganda machinery of the ruling National Democratic Congress has set for itself a task of telling the story of the Mills– led administration and its achievement so far in government.

The task for them is aimed setting the records straight in the build up to the December polls as well as to restore dignity and honour to the NDC.

Addressing the press conference, the former Propaganda Secretary of the NDC and now Deputy Minister for Finance, Fifi Kwetey stated that the opposition New Patriotic Party collapsed the Ghanaian economy before they left power in 2008.

He further noted that the Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) initiative adopted by the NPP was flawed explaining that the monies borrowed by the NPP government were not efficiently used.

“The NPP cannot boast of a single infrastructure from the 1 billion facilitator loan” he said adding that the money they borrowed was used in buying prepaid meters, shares in Anglo-gold and for paying salaries.

Recounting the achievements of the current NDC administration however, Mr. Kwetey stated that a lot has been achieved within the short period that the NDC has been in office as compared to the 8-year of the NPP.

He highlighted other successes chalked by the Mills-led administration as the achievement of single digit inflation continuously for 18 months, a remarkable appreciation of the cedi for 8months, a sustainable debt, efficient utilization of money borrowed, a rise in direct foreign investment, an unprecedented low budget deficit, a million tons of cocoa production among others.

Having listed mostly the economic achievements of the NDC, the pro-NDC Forum for setting the records straight says it would later come out with the social achievements of the Mills-led administration.