PFSO trains port security officers on bomb detection


THE Lagos  Maritime Security zone of the Port Facility Security Officer Forum  has concluded plans to hold a bomb detection training for  port security officers following the recent  security challenges in the country.

Disclosing this to Vanguard in Lagos last week, the PFSO’ Chairman  Mr. Subaru Anataku said that   Bomb Disposal Unit of the Nigeria Police has been  contacted for that purpose.

The training according to Anataku will be funded by the Forum adding that all port security officers are to avail themselves the opportunity of the training.

He stated that the programme is very needful adding that the need to secure the entire port and oil and gas industries cannot be over emphasized.

The training which will be funded by the forum is  also expected to attract  participants  from firms  that are within the port area.

The issue of security and its challenges has become a source of worry for all the agencies operating within the port system and the development has also put every body on their toes as the fear of any breach could lead to a far reaching effect on the entire industry.

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PFSO trains port security officers on bomb detection