Hands Off AFAG Demo Or Be Crushed To Ashes

Credible information available to the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) indicates that some unscrupulous persons sympathetic to Mr. Alfred Woyome, the renowned NDC financier and beneficiary of a whooping sum of GHC 58.0 million (580 Billion Cedis) of the tax payer’s money, are feverishly organizing and arming themselves to cause and create unwarranted confusion on the day of the ‘ATTA WAYO DEMOSTRATION’ by way of counter demonstration.

This we see clearly as a grand machination by the powers that be to derail the focus of AFAG from throwing more light on the corrupt deeds of the NDC government.

Whiles as a group we concede that, it is within the right of every Ghanaian to hit the streets and protest, we want to state in unequivocal terms that, The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) is fully prepared for the occasion and will as a result not hesitate to smoke out, deal ruthlessly with and crush to ashes any imposter who sets out to foment trouble. AFAG however assures genuine demonstrators of their safety and security through our internal security measures to complement that of the Police Force.

It should be placed on record, that in accordance with the public Order Act, AFAG has duly notified the police and has accordingly concluded all arrangements necessary to embark on a demonstration. To this end, we entreat any group of persons including those sympathetic to Mr. Alfred Woyome and by extension the Mills-Mahama government interested in demonstrating to take note and follow due process.

Again, as AFAG, we regard the impending demonstration as a rather sensitive one, given the fact that the issues involved are ones which directly touches on the lives of millions of Ghanaians who reposed their trust in then candidate Mills in anticipation of a better Ghana only to be ‘WOYOMIZED’ by now president Mills. By this AFAG wishes to extend an invitation to the TUC, GPRTU, PROTOA, Petty Traders Association, Dress Makers Association, the Fisher Folks, Student Bodies and all Labor Unions gravely affected by the gross mismanagement and ‘killer’ policies of the Mills-Mahama government to pour out in their numbers to demonstrate that ultimate power reside with the masses and not the privileged few in government.

Finally, as AFAG it is our contention that governments are instituted among men to improve on the quality of life of the masses, thus as we all converge at the Obra Spot at 6:00am on Wednesday in our Red and Black Shirts, to press home our demands for better living conditions, we are not begging of President Mills but are demanding of him to fulfill his presidential oath.

Thank you.