Gay Banker Is Hot

The former deputy Minister (under Jerry Rawlings) who has been accused of having an addiction for homosexual activities is in hot waters, as a man who claims to be his gay lover is singing like a parrot.

Joseph Owusu Sekyere narrated jaw-dropping tales of how he and the said former deputy Minister, who is now the head of a state-owned bank, enjoyed a three-year gay relationship when both of them were students at a boys’ senior secondary school in the Central Region.

Mr. Owusu-Sekyere was bent on following the media to the office or home of the said top banker for the two to have a face-to-face banter and a possible display of their homosexual activities.

According to Joseph Owusu Sekyere, the said top banker was about three years ahead of him in school and they used to hide in empty classrooms and closed cubicles to kiss, masturbate and give each other sizzling rounds of oral sex that included licking, sucking and ejaculation.

He alleged further that the sexual relationship which started in secondary school took a temporal halt when the senior gay partner completed the school in 1971.

Owuse Sekyere said he later completed the school in 1973 and traveled outside the country. He said on his return years later, the gay senior had been appointed a deputy minister under the Rawlings-led Administration and they again resumed their sexual rendezvous until they were almost caught one day by the deputy Minister’s house boy.

“He used to give me money. I mean he was a very good person and sometimes would just sign a cheque and ask me to write any amount,” Owusu Sekyere added.

Owusu Sekyere mentioned the names of a couple of big shots in society who he claimed were aware of the homosexual activities he had with the top banker.

He also alleged that almost all the students who attended the said secondary school between the years of 1969 to 1971 were aware of the gay relationship he had with the top banker and some of them were ready to bear testimony.

“I am making this public because of the way we are behaving like hypocrites and behaving as if this gay thing started only yesterday. It has always been with us and we should address it rather than pretend it is not there,” Owusu Sekyere added.