Comoequa is official Afcon ball

Tuesday afternoon saw Adidas officially unveil the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations ball to be used in the tournament played in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

The newly designed ball was given the name Comoequa, which has been reported to derive from the Como River which runs through both nations and the Equator.

Comoequa is the third official ball Adidas has designed for the tournament- after they became the official supplier during the 2008 tournament. It is said to have a similar structure to that of the Euro 2012 ball, Tango 12.

An official statement was released on the CAF website in which Adidas confirmed that the ball goes through rigorous tests and that the ball is neither too light nor too small.

“We test all different aspects such as the roundness of the ball, its weight and whether it absorbs water and therewith changes its playing characteristics throughout a game. By the way: no, it doesn’t,” the statement says.

“Another test we do is about accuracy. There is a robotic leg in our test centre in Herzogenaurach, Germany which hits the ball again and again on a goal distance of 22 metres.

“With this robotic leg you can reproduce any shot as often as you want. It’s execution will always be exactly the same – leg and foot angles will not vary by any degree.”