Craig Murray Is A Liar

Former British diplomat Craig MurrayClaims by former British diplomat Craig Murray about his contributions to ensuring that the 2000 general elections in Ghana were free and fair are being challenged.

Craig Murray who was the Deputy British High Commissioner at the time, in his book ‘The Catholic Orangemen of Togo and Other Conflicts I have Known’, made several interesting revelations, including attempts by the NDC government to engage in electoral fraud and shut down JOY FM. But some authorities who have been cited have disputed his claims.

In the book, the former diplomat says he impressed upon the Member of Parliament for New Juaben North Hackman Owusu Agyemang to urge then candidate Kufuor not to declare victory after the second round of voting in December 2000.

But Mr Owusu Agyemang says he never had a conversation with Mr Murray on Mr. Kufuor declaring himself winner.

He said it was in the house of Mr Odoi Sykes that he was informed that then candidate Mills wanted to speak to Mr Kufuor around 10 in the morning to “sort of concede” defeat to the latter.

“Eventually the call came, I think, just before noon on my telephone and then I handed over the phone to President Kufuor and I could hear him say thank you, thank you, and that was it.”

“I never discussed this issue of declaring result, what have you and the rest. I think it is the figments of Mr Murray’s own imagination”.

Mr. Murray also claimed in his book that he intervened in attempts by the Rawlings-led government to shut down JOY FM.

However, a former employee of JOY FM Paul Adom Otchere who witnessed the incident Mr Murray referred to also gave a different account.

He recalled that he was chit-chatting with some colleagues and panelists of a programme he had hosted when some people purported to be operatives of the national security came to the station and attempted to arrest Dr Audrey Gadzekpo.

“I don’t remember that they were armed but they were quiet violent in appearance, and they said that they had instructions to arrest Dr Gadzekpo for criticizing the president [Rawlings] …but their authority was challenged.”

Moreover, he placed on record that “they didn’t say that they had instructions to close down the station”.