NBA Draft 2014: Cleveland, the first pick again!


    The NBA has made on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday the draft lottery. And for the third time in four years, the Cleveland Cavaliers have the first pick in the draft.

    This is what is called having the vein. While they have only 1.7 % of chance to win the first draft choice of 2014, the Ohio franchise have seen again the draw booking them the Chosen One of the 2014 vintage of the season 2014 -2015 rookies. After satisfaction, Kyrie Irvring in 2011 and the flop Anthony Bennett in 2013, David Griffin (Cavs GM) and his cell will not have to miss out on June 26 in New York.

    Andrew Wiggins (Kansas), Jabari Parker (Duke) and Joel Embiid (Kansas) are the favorites for the first pick.

    Milwaukee Bucks, worst franchise in the regular season, get consoled with the second choice. The Philadelphia 76ers have the third choice of this draft considered one of the most recorded in history. With their new name , Charlotte Hornets have the ninth choice.

    The complete 2014 draft
    1st Cleveland Cavaliers
    2nd Milwaukee Bucks
    3rd Philadelphia 76ers
    4th Orlando Magic
    5th Utah Jazz
    6th Boston Celtics
    7th Los Angeles Lakers
    8 Sacramento Kings
    9th Charlotte Hornets
    10th Philadelphia 76ers
    11th Denver Nuggets
    12 Orlando Magic
    13th Minnesota Timberwolves
    14 Phoenix Suns
    15th Atlanta Hawks
    16th Chicago Bulls
    17th Boston Celtics
    18th Phoenix Suns
    19th Chigaco Bulls
    20th Toronto Raptors
    21st Oklahoma City Thunder
    22nd Memphis Grizzlies
    23rd Utah Jazz
    24th Charlotte Hornets
    25th Houston Rockets
    26th Miami Heat
    27th Phoenix Suns
    28th Los Angeles Clippers
    29th Oklahoma City Thunder
    30th San Antonio Spurs

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