Emergency sitting of Parliament underway; John Mahama being sworn in as Prez


    Parliament emergency sitting for the swearing-in of Vice-President John Mahama as president following the death of President Mills.

    House Speaker Bamford-Addo prays.

    She says:

    It has become necessary to swear-in Vice-President Mahama as president in accordance with Article 60(6) of the constitution.

    A minute silence.

    May his soul rest in perfect peace.

    Honourable members, I shall now invite the Majority and Minority to join me to receive the Vice-President from the lobby.

    National Anthem being played.

    Parliament is in a somber mood.

    MPs are wearing black to signal they are mourning.

    Chief Justice Georgina Wood administers oath.

    Vice-President sobs while taking the oath.

    Watch the video of President John Mahama’s swearing in below: