Nigeria: Access to Internet Stands At 3.6 Percent

Daily Trust (Abuja)

Olayemi R. Ibrahim

28 December 2011

Nigerians’ access to internet as at November ending is 3.6 percent, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has said.

The NBS in its 2011 Annual Socio-Economic Report Access to ICT said Lagos state is leading with 27 percent, while Rivers state and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) recorded 10 percent respectively.


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It said that the states with least access to personal computers (PCs) are Sokoto with 0.3 percent access to internet access rates, while Kebbi, Kano, Bauchi, and Ebonyi states recorded one percent access rates each.

The survey also revealed that the urban dwellers have more access and ownership of internet service at 11.6 percent when compare with rural dwellers at 1.5 percent.

It said that access to radio and mobile phones has dominance over other devices such as television, PCs and internet.

The statistical body said access to mobile phones ranked second highest with nearly half of the population claiming access as it recording 63.9 percent while access to radio was put at 82.9 percent and TV access was put at 44.7 percent.

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