‘I Had Lesbian Sex With My Sister!’

I’M sorry I cannot disclose my full name. I just want my love adventure story to be published so that a lot of people can learn from it. I’ve heard about incest being committed by individuals before, but I never knew that it would ever happen to me. I’m 22 and my younger sister is 18. I have always been very curious about sex, especially the gay and lesbian thing. But I didn’t want to just go out and try it with just anybody.

I have always on occasions showered or slept with my sister (nothing sexual) but last Friday night we had a few drinks together. Our parents had traveled for the Christmas and both of us were alone in the house. I asked my sister about her thoughts on lesbianism and bi-sexuality. She told me she had always thought about it and so had a lot of her friends too. I told her my feeling and we discussed about doing it together in the house in secret.

It was hard for us to summon the courage to do what we had in mind. So we went to where our dad kept his bottles of brandy and drank wine until we were both very tipsy. After kissing for a while to experiment, I started touching her breasts. And the next thing I knew was that we were on the floor on top of each other. We went down on each other and rubbed our private parts together.

After everything, we took our baths together and touched each other again under the shower. What we did was crazy, but it was also very exciting. But last Sunday, we went to Church and to our greatest surprise, the sermon that Sunday was about gays and lesbians in the society. The pastor preached against people who say that the National Assembly should not pass a law to ban gay marriage in Nigeria. The pastor also went further to say that homosexuality is an abomination in the sight of God. At the end of his sermon, he warned parents to watch their children.

My sister and I returned home last Sunday feeling so guilty. Sometimes we feel like doing it again, but we have to restrain ourselves out of fear. I thank God that nobody saw us engaging in lesbianism. I’m afraid of the reaction of my parents or the pastor of our church if they get to know. So, my sister and I have sworn not to tell anyone what we did and never to do it again.

From Tina

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‘I Had Lesbian Sex With My Sister!’

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