Scandalous Laptop Distribution By Government

In seeing the globalization of the world, the NPP, government under the then Minister, the late Hon. Kojo Baah Wiredu brought an initiative called one laptop per child. This idea was to make every child in the country have access to laptop in order to broaden their ICT knowledge.

However the manner with which the NDC government through the ministry of education is distributing these laptops to tertiary students is a concern to most University of Ghana students who are aware of this whole process. TESCON-LEGON on behalf of all students would like to bring to the fore of the public that the manner with which the laptop is being distributed is scandalous and it defeats the idea of the initiative due to the following reasons:

1. We can say with certainty that, more than 95% of students did not have any idea about the whole process of the laptop acquisition.

2. It is worrying to add that, students who had first-hand information of this laptop distribution are students who identify themselves with the ruling party, known on campus as TEIN.

3. Again there are middlemen who take monies from students in order facilitate the process at the ministry.

4. These middlemen who are party stalwarts of the ruling NDC government also collect student ID cards to secure these laptops on their behalf for the purpose of selling them.

The entire university student community would like to express our disappointment in the Prof. Fiifi Atta Mills-led government which promised to be father for all but has now earned the accolade of President 4 Fs (FFFF) meaning, President Fiifi Father For Few among students.

If the government have clear motive of distributing these laptops, the question is, what stops them from liaising with the various student authority and their SRCs who can distribute these laptops effectively devoid of all biases and sectionalism?

Finally we are also calling on the government to suspend the distribution of the laptops with immediate effect until a transparent mode of acquisition is made clear to all students. We also expect apology from the government to the student body for undermining our intelligence with such a dubious and biased process of acquiring national laptops. Find attached pictures of the rlg laptops.




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