Egypt: The Supreme Council – More Violations and Violence Against Demonstrators


    Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (Cairo)

    17 December 2011

    press release

    ANHRI condemns the Egyptian Army forces and their loyal civilians ‘excessive aggression against peaceful protestors, in front of cabinet, expressing its deep regret to the occurrence of more deaths and injuries from these attacks.

    It worth noting that, the Egyptian Army forces ongoing attack against peaceful protestors, on Friday morning, at Tahrir Square, started on 19 November in front of Cabinet. They were trying to break up their sit-in, using rubber bullets, tear gas grenades and dragging demonstrators in the streets, beating them with batons. Simultaneously, some of their loyal members threw stones and Molotov bottles at protestors, burning many buildings, like the Scientific Historic Academy building, next to the American University.

    Clashes between protestors and army troops started Friday morning, as some of the army troops who stand at the top of Cabinet and People’s Council buildings, threw stones at protestors in front of Cabinet. As a result of the severe assault and the detention of some of them, the number of angry protestors increased .consequently, the army troops repelled those demonstrations, using live and rubber bullets ;6 out of 8 were killed by live bullets, two of them were children and hundreds of demonstrators were injured and yet clashes and attacks are still ongoing.

    “Despite that those responsible for the violations and the crimes against demonstrators, at the months March, April, October, November, are not yet referred to trial, the Supreme Council did not learn the lesson. The ongoing violence and disregard for the law is what overcomes its performance. It forgot that such practices are what lead to the uprising against Mubarak’s rule from the first place. The ongoing violations, violence and impunity policy are not allowed by the Egyptian people.” said ANHRI.

    ANHRI fears that, the ongoing impunity of perpetrators of such crimes against peaceful demonstrators will lead to threatening consequences and the entrance of Egypt in a vicious circle of violence and confrontation, that will not stop except only by a formal apology from the military junta ,the announcement of the names of the involved in these crimes ,prosecuting them and the appointment of a ministry , that stands as a reflection to the people and its revolution and not like Ganzouri’s ministry, that is more worthy to Mubarak’s regime and its ministry.

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