Keri Hilson flaunts her sexy legs in Cote d’Ivoire

International R&B star, Keri Hilson clearly must have enjoyed the African weather as she got very leggy at her Cote d’Ivoire concert last Saturday at the Palais de la Culture, Abidjan.  The sexy singer was seen on stage strutting her stuff in a sexy leather pant that only covered her buttocks, and a jacket to cover her top.  She excited the Ivorian crowd with her smooth vocals and sultry dance moves, accompanied by her sexy dancers.

Keri’s visit wasn’t all about showing off her legs, as expected she also did some social visits including a visit to some children that lost their families during the crisis in Cote d’Ivoire. She tweeted a picture with some children and commented “… I wanted to bring joy…mission accomplished.” She also tweeting about enjoying the food: “Ivorian food is just unbelievable!!! Poulet braise’, aloco, kedjenou, mouton, fish (carpe, capitan, sol, tilapia), igname, & attieke!!!”

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